Catalogue Vynckier

Here you can download our catalogue 2018-2019 in pdf format (60 MB).

pdf_icoon Catalogue 2018-2019

Click on a chapter below to download it.

pdf_icoon Machines (35MB)

pdf_icoon Auto (10MB)

pdf_icoon Workshop (10MB)

pdf_icoon Equipment (9MB)

pdf_icoon Sign & Safety (5MB)

pdf_icoon Tools (25MB)

pdf_icoon HVAC (3MB)

pdf_icoon Construct (4MB)

IMPORTANT: The catalogue in pdf format is a snap-shot of the situation in june 2018. The data (f.i. prices) is changing regularly. The online catalogue on the other hand is constantly updated. We are advising you to consult the online catalogue for up-to-date information.