Pneumatic tapping arm M10 to M20 action radius 500 - 1600 mm


Pneumatic tapping arm with large operating radius of 1600 mm and 5 tapping chucks included.


  • Large action radius of 1.600 mm!
  • Speed, accuracy and reliability
  • Prevents the breakage of your taps
  • Pneumatic (need a compressor)
  • Tappingdevice can also drill (max. ø 6 mm)

Suitable for:

  • Garages, workshops, training centers, schools and machining applications

Comes standard with:

  • Powerful tapping spindle
  • Mobile arm with gas springs
  • Table fixation
  • Pressure gauge for pressure adjustment
  • 5 tapping chucks with clutch

Tip: Each tap size requires a suitable tapping head and torque limiter. The torque limiter is set so that the acceptable torque can not be exceeded, which prevents, for example, the tap breaking in expensive parts.

Recommended compressor: 712025955 - AIRPROFI 903/500/15H or heavier.

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3 159,00 (VAT excluded ) M
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Orig. nr. VAT-1620
For Taps M10-M20
Speed rpm 200
Effective range 360° (1) Rmax mm 500
Effective range 360° (2) Rmin mm 1600
Maximum recommended pressure bar 6
Type 31
Tapping heads TC820 M10/12/14/16/18/20
Airconsumption l/min +/- 800
Weight kg 24,60
Dimensions (b x d x h) mm 340x150x950
Price 3.159,00
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